Swimming pool construction

Morocco, Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, from Nice to Saint Tropez, Languedoc Roussillon, Montpellier.

Riad TCE Swimming pool construction

. Custom built Swimming lanes (corridors), natural pools, infinity pools/vanishing edges,

mirrors, spas, jacuzzis

. Life span, building quality

. Coatings, finishes – dyed concrete, mosaic, tiling


Swimming lane (corridor), natural pools, infinity pools, mirror effect, spas jacuzzi ….

 The “custom built”

We  are specialised in custom built swimming pools.  Our building techniques offer modularity and flexibility enabling us to build pools with character.  We make sure your pool blends into the countryside and corresponds to your expectations. Our expertise and our logistic structure allow a wide range from the soberest to the most sophisticated architectural design, classic, contemporary or oriental style….


In Morocco or in France…. http://www.riadtce.com/images/

Laying-out and equipments

accessoires à intégrer lors de la construction de votre piscine – lighting, cascade waterfalls, upstream swimming, undertrack

roller blinds, filter systems

. Poolside : pool beaches, decking, gardens ….

. Renovation/conversion to natural pools

. Warranty and insurance.

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